July 15, 2014

This comes from a Junior Boys coach – “every team out there and every coach has been incredibly supportive of our team and our players,
they have cheered our successes and have sympathized with our struggles. EYSA, the coaches, umps, parents and players are an
amazing group of people and I am grateful to be a part of it”…

On a different note, it’s time for the next generation to step up and start volunteering…become an EYSA Board Member,
the future of EYSA is depending on you..to be frank…we need more people to step up and volunteer…although people at any
age can volunteer…this is mainly on you, the next generation, if you’re in your 20′s & 30′s, you need to step up – the kids are depending on you…….
Sincerely, Shawn/EYSA Board Member

June 13, 2013

Remember – EYSA is a volunteer organization, YOU are EYSA!!!
Parents, friends and family members of our kids, please consider volunteering;
1. in the concession stand, any amount of time you can give is helpful…
2. umpiring – got any softball experience? see John and become an umpire!
3. or better yet…inquire about becoming an EYSA Board Member!!!

April 17, 2013

EYSA 2014 Calendar – 2014 Newsletter Calendar

Reminder-only **EYSA ROSTERED** players may play in a game, scrimmage or practice…
kids that are not on an EYSA roster can **NOT** be on the field at any time!!! Again, kids not on a roster, can not practice or play in scrimmages or games!

ALL players **MUST WEAR PANTS** during practice and games (the only exception to this is for Mixed League – they may wear shorts)

March 14, 2012

Is your bat legal? —  copy and paste this link to your browser to find out -


All bats for grades 4th and up will need to be approved with a NEW sticker for the 2014 season! If your bat is listed as “single wall” (one-piece aluminum) or “wood” it is legal…..– if the bat is listed as “composite” or ‘multi-wall” it is illegal…plus any titanium, double-wall, half-and-half, flex, or two-piece bats are also illegal – any bats not listed will be brought before the EYSA Board for approval - Absolutely no bats will be checked after June 1st…!


February 16, 2012
June 11, 2009

This is a great article…everyone should read —http://kidshealth.org/parent/fitness/general/sportsmanship.html

Coaching Tips

Written by EYSA
April 19, 2009

Coaches! please click on this link… coaching-tips It’s entitled “12 Things You Really Need to Know About Coaching T-ball”, but I think it could pertain to any of our age levels. It has some great thoughts to keep in mind.

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